February 1, 2011

Day 9-A picture of your friends

A picture of my friends!
Well, all my friends have grown up and moved away and we only see each other when we can.  

These are my high school friends, we've drifted apart, but I know if I still need something any one of them will come to my rescue.  Thanks Girls.
 And this is my mom.  We are becoming friends as I age- I guess as we both age.
Here's my baby sister.  She's becoming an adult and now my friend.

It's funny how time passes and people change.  Ask me 15 years ago if I'd every consider my mom to be a friend and the answer would have been no (but I was 13 then, lol).  The same goes for my sister.  But I'm glad we've all grown and in turn grown to be friends.

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  1. nice photos. do you look like you mom or what! that is really nice that she is your friend.