January 24, 2011

Day 1-Introduce, recent picture, 15 interesting facts

Good Day All- I'm Ami and this is my blog!  And this is me:
Here are a few interesting facts about me:
I am the oldest of 3 - I have a brother and sister.
I have always lived in rural Alberta and have no desire to live in the big city.
I played 2 sports that led me to Provincial play downs- curling and softball.
I like to dip my BBQ chips in Miracle Whip.
I have been head hunted and I will let you know more about that later..
I started paper scrapping when my daughter was born in 2006, but ADD kicks in and I can't complete a layout.  I still enjoy pulling out the glue once in a while and make cards.
I once colored my hair (right before family pictures) a bright vibrant red (My mother wasn't impressed).
I have always been intimidated by crab legs, but on my last birthday I conquered my fear and now have a favorite food.
I still enjoy watching a good cartoon.
We have rediscovered camping as a family - it's fun to get away from things once in a while.


  1. Thanks for joining me Ami! So fun!

  2. Curling?! i love curling! well, at least i love watching it, hehe.

  3. I'm just joining in the 30days challenge. Great to get to know you.