June 16, 2010

Toot Toot- Birthday Blog Train

So it looks like you've found your way here from Heather's place. Thanks for stopping by.

Hi All. Today is a wonderful day. It's the birthday of Wendy from WM[squared] Designs. To help her celebrate, we've created a template train for your enjoyment.

We hope you enjoy the stops along the way.

In honor of birthdays, I am going to be sharing a birthday memory with you. Now this really isn't a memory for me, but I find this picture hilarious for the following reasons:
1. I have a black eye- nothing says happy birthday like a black eye.
2. I see 4 candles on the cake and in the background there is a card with the #5 on it-
hmm, whose mistake is that.
Special thanks to my Grandma who has saved this picture for me.

Here's my template for you.

Your next stop is Erica's place.
And if you lose your way on this train- stop back at WM[squared] Designs for a complete listing.

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